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Turn Around Time

Turn Around Time for Servicing the Policyholder as per IRDAI Regulations

General - Policy Issuance Related

Processing of Proposal and Communication of decisions including requirements/issue of policy/cancellation 15 Days
Obtaining Copy of the proposal30 Days
Post policy issue service requests concerning mistakes/refund of proposal deposite and also non-claim related service requests10 Days

Life Insurance - Policy Servicing Related

Surrender value/Annuity/Pension processing10 Days
Maturity claim/Survival benefit/Penal interest not paid15 Days
Raising claim requirements after lodging the claim15 Days
Death claim settlement without investigation requirement30 Days
Death claim settlement/Repudiation with investigation requirement6 months

Grievances - Complaints Related

Acknowledging a Grievance3 Days
Resolving a Grievance15 Days
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