Revive Lapsed Policy

How to revive lapsed policy

​At times, your policy may lapse because of non-payment of premiums. However, now you can renew your lapsed policy and continue to enjoy its benefits.

Pay your outstanding premiums today to secure the family tomorrow.

Ways to revive your lapsed policy:

Ordinary revival
If you revive your policy within six months from the period of the first unpaid premium, you will just need to pay the unpaid premiums and the applicable interest. In this case, you don’t need to produce any medical statements.
DGH Revival (Declaration of Good Health)
If you have not paid your premiums for more than six months, then in order to revive your policy you need to submit DGH. If required, you may also have to undergo medical tests. Your policy will be revived once you have paid your unpaid premiums with applicable interest.

Please Note: Policy can be revived during the revival period only as per terms and conditions of the products.