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Self Employed

Self employed independent business owners who wish to enhance their existing business incomes can make the most of this business opportunity by becoming an advisor with SUD Life.

The Business Opportunity for an Independent Business Owner

Financial Reward

As an Independent Business Owner
You earn as per margins which that business offers, after payment of expenses. Is subject to massive uncertainty as mostly such business is part of the unorganized sector. Business opportunity is limited to the users of the product and services and due to business saturation.
As a SUD Life Advisor
Unlimited earning potential as an advisor with SUD Life. Write your own pay cheque basis your identified goals! Life Insurance opportunity in India is huge due to the massive population and grossly under insured potential.

Initial capital costs

As an Independent Business Owner
In case of a traditional business, there are huge and exorbitant initial capital costs. Capital costs are prohibitive for starting a new business.
As a SUD Life Advisor
Only capital outlay required for this business is your time, mindshare and the attitude to be an informed life insurance professional!

Your work schedule

As an Independent Business Owner
Is a 24 hour job 7 days a week!
As a SUD Life Advisor
As a SUD Life Advisor, you are a boss of your own! Flexible working hours give you capability to manage your schedules with ease.

A business with a noble cause

As an Independent Business Owner
Your business may or may not support this. Most business is profit oriented and do not support any noble cause.
As a SUD Life Advisor
This is a business which impacts the lives of people who you deal with. Providing them with much needed financial security, hence a business with a cause. Feel good about giving it back to the society and the Nation!

Support for growth

As an Independent Business Owner
You need to pay for external consultants or business experts for providing advice for business restructuring or growth boosters.
As a SUD Life Advisor
As a SUD Life advisor, your growth is directly proportional to the time, effort and hard work you are prepared to put in. You can draw out a systematic plan basis your personal goals and use the reward and recognition, marketing and business support initiatives to leverage your business to the maximum.

Training and Development

As an Independent Business Owner
You need to pay for training and development of self and key employees, which is expensive and take away already limited resources.
As a SUD Life Advisor
Role of an insurance advisor at SUD Life requires continuous learning and development to equip advisors to face the field challenge. Career skills are imparted for achieving success, hence training and development plays a critical role in the development of an advisor.
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