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Corporate Social Responsibility @ SUD Life

  1. ​SUD Life has inherited the culture of its promoter companies and focused to do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). SUD Life believes that the thrust of CSR and Sustainability is clearly with an objective to assist in bettering the lives of people by providing basic necessities as they are affected by unfortunate calamities/situation beyond control of mankind, without warning and catching them unawares, education and initiatives to uplift the life of poor and needy people of the Society. The purpose of the CSR activities of SUD Life is to ensure that the benefit of CSR reaches directly to the people.


Mr. T C Nair Chairman

Mr. T. C. Nair has been serving the Company as Independent Director since April 27, 2011. He has a wide experience in financial Markets, being with SEBI and RBI in a senior position for several years. He is also associated with financial market developments in Asian and African continents. He has also worked as Principal Advisor to Global Board of Trade, Mauritius and Senior Regulatory Advisor to Bourse, Africa.

Mr. Satoru Sato Member

Mr. Satoru Sato is serving the Company as a Non Executive Director since April 09, 2015. He is Managing Executive Officer, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Ltd. Japan. He has versatile experience of more than 30 years in insurance industry. Mr Sato started his career with Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company and subsequently he got promoted in Dai-ichi group companies where he was actively engaged in the information system department.

Mr. V. H. Kamath Member

Mr. V. H. Kamath has been serving the Company as Non Executive Director since August 13, 2015. He is General Manager, Central Accounts Dept. of Union Bank of India. Mr. Kamath joined the Bank in December 1978 and worked in various key assignments in Bank viz. Credit, Branch Banking in Corporate Office, Regional Office and Branches.

Mr. Girish Kulkarni Member MD & CEO

Mr. Girish Kulkarni has been serving the Company as MD & CEO since May 15, 2012. He is a Management Graduate with more than 20 years of experience in Financial Services. He also brings with him more than a decade’s experience in life insurance industry. Before taking up the assignment with Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance, he was serving as General Manager of Assicurazioni Generali-United Arab Emirates; prior to that, he was the Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Future Generali Life Insurance Company Limited-India.

MR R. Ganesan Non- Executive Director

Shri R. Ganesan has been serving the Company as Non- Executive Director since October 25, 2016. He is presently designated as General Manager Treasury at Bank of India. He joined Bank of India in 1978 and has vast experience in the areas of Treasury & Risk Management. After starting his career with Bank of India he gained over 38 years of banking experience.

Supply of food in drought effected area

SUD Life supported two villages named Mohpuri and Bolegaon at District Jalna, Maharashtra when these villages were affected with a severe draught in 2013-14. The Company had distributed potato, onion, rice, and jowar with spices to the families of both villages. The Company also provided water tanker of 12000 litres to the village for two months.

School Infrastructure / Amenities

SUD Life has constructed the roof of few class rooms of a School in Mohpuri which were damaged. The Company has also constructed the boundary wall of schools in Mohpuri and Bolegaon villages. The Company provided Bookshelf, Computer Table, Fans, Tube, Light etc. to the school administration for the benefit of the students of the schools.

Support to Students

As Bolegaon and Mohpuri villages are under poverty, the Company has provided school uniform, shoes with socks, school bags and note book to the students of both the schools which will reduce the burden of their parents and they can encourage their children for education. Company has also donated equipment for special Children in Mulund, Mumbai.

Computer Education

The Company has provided Computers with basic software, projector, printer and sound box to school of both the villages which will be helpful for students to equip the students with the skill, knowledge and understanding of Computer. The computer education will give an edge to the quality of their education.

Swachh Vidyalaya (Clean School)

Swachh Vidyalaya is the national mission driving Clean India: Clean Schools. Under this mission, it is to ensure that every school in India has a set of functioning and well maintained water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. SUD Life has contributed in Swachh Vidyalaya Mission of the Nation with construction of separate toilet for both boys and girls in school in Mohpuri and Bolegaon villages.

Drinking Water

The Company understand an importance of water in human life. Both the village have severe problem of water due to draught. There is no reservoir to store water. SUD Life has taken an initiative to not only provide drinking water but safe drinking water for students and teachers of school in Mohpuri. This activity covers:

. Water Filter
. Wash basin and tap for water
. Separate room to store water
. Standy to hold water tank
. Borewell installation

Conservation of Energy

Armed with a new sense of urgency to fix the problems of power supply, rising power costs, and increasing dependence on imported coal, the Government of India is promoting Solar Energy. In this direction, the Company has provided Solar Panel for School in Bolegaon. The Company has also provided five solar street lights each at public places in both the villages.

Employment to Women and Youth

In the direction of making the women self dependent, the Company has distributed sewing machines to the widows of both villages. The Company has also provided opportunity of employment to the youth of both the villages who are graduate. This will motivate the youth of the village for higher education and also shift their dependency from Agriculture to Job.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Mission)

Under Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, the Shramdan was carried out by the Company at Vashi Railway Station, Navi Mumbai, which covered outside and foot court area of the Vashi Railway Station in which the employees at corporate office, Mumbai participated.

Book Launch by Dai-ichi Life

The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Japan one of the three joint venture partner of SUDlife, sponsored the launch of pictorial book along with distribution of school bags, containing a pencil box, water bottle and lunch box to over 450 needy primary students of four identified schools in Mumbai, at a function held at the Yashwantrao Hall, Nariman Point. Mr. Yoshiaki Ito, Council-General of Japan in Mumbai, and Chief Guest for the occasion launched the book. He along with Mr. Koichiro Watanabe, President, Dai-ichi Life, Japan and Mr. Girish Kulkarni, MD & CEO of SUDlife, did the honours of distributing the book and school bags. The book titled “You are the only one but never a lonely one” was conceived by XYZ Crosswise, a NPO from Japan, post the Tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan in March 2011.

Contribution to Natural Disaster Relief Fund

Severe floods were reported in Jammu & Kashmir during the first week of September 2014 in its many of the districts which caused the loss of life and property. A small contribution of Rs. 5 Lacs was made to the Prime Minister Relief Fund towards relief for flood affected people in Jammu and Kashmir. Further, contribution were also made to People for Animals.

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